WERKE - Kammermusik instrumental

„Beyond all compositional schools  Hirschfeld develops haunting landscapes of the soul.“   (Clemens Goldberg, rbb kulturradio)



Chant of the Night  for soprano after Walt Whitman (1991)

5 Songs for a lonely woman’s voice after Edith Södergran (2000)


Sonett I  (1985) VNM

 Sonett VIII  (1989) VNM 

Sonata 1 (1991)

Makyo - Variations (1994)

5 lyric Pieces (1997) FHM

Sonata about b-a-c-h (1998) FHM

Frieze of life - after poetry from Edvard Munch (1999) 

3 Lyric Dances (2001) 

Fundstücke (2014)

Elementary Pieces  (2014) HMV

Toccata (2017) VNM

Music for Piano solo (2019)

Nachklänge (4 easy pieces) (2020)

 7 Ludes (2022)


4 Anachronistic Pieces (Sonata) (2013)


 Weltlich Ehr‘ und zeitlich Gut 

(choral variation, 2015)

 Contemplatio (2019)

 Sonata die Passacaglia (2022)

Electric Guitar

The Other Possibility…


Feenmond - fairy tale suite (1997)

 Hinter dem Spiegel (2020)

 Splitter (2021)


solitude pour violon solo (1984) VNM

Quintessenzen - 8 lyric sketches(1997) 

5 Herbstgedichte (2005)

 Sonate Nr. 1 (2007)

Sonate Nr. 2 (2009)

Dance of the Neck (2010) 433

Tanzvariationen (2011) FHM


3 Lyric Sketches  (2012)

Zikaden for viola and tape (2015)

Music for viola solo (2016)

... wie des Grases Blumen... - Elegiy  (2017)


 Haiku I (1995)

Haiku II  for singing Cellist (1997)

Variations of the Neck for 5-stinged Cello (2009)

Double Bass

Variations (2009) FHM


Herbststück (1997) FHM

Partita (2000)

Little Nightmare of a desperate Guitarist (2002) VNM

Three easy pieces (2020)

Three Preludes (2023)


Zwitschermaschine (1991)

Cadenza for alto flute (2023)


Haiku III (1998) befoco


Solo for bass clarinett (1991) VNM

Sonett IX  (1993) VNM


M  (2016) VNM


Dance of the Phoenix I (1996) VNM


Dance of the Phoenix II for marimba (1996) VNM

Sonett XII - solo for percussion (2023)

„Impressive how traditional technique and contemporary tonal language merge into one here.“                                                                                                    (Eberhard Kremz, DNN)


Sonata concertante for violin and piano (2006)

10 Tangos for violin and piano (2005) FHM 

Café Fatal – Little  Salon Suite for violin and piano  (2004)

Sonata per violino e chitarra (2006)

Nachtstück füor two guitars (1996) FHM

Pabhāta for violin and guitar (2017) HHV

Attempt to measure a mirage for saxophon and piano (2004) VNM

Daydream  for oboe and piano(1991)

 3 Impressions for oboe and piano (2013) FHM

Psalm for tenor saxophon and organ (2003) FHM

Psalm für alto saxophon and organl (2008) 


Wandlungen I for oboe, clarinet and bassoon (1996)

Wandlungen II for flute, oboe and harp (1999)

Wandlungen III  for oboe, cello and harp (1998)

Elegie foboe, viola and harp (2001)

Piano Trio I (2001) VNM

Piano Trio II (2001)

Two preludes and Chants for flute, guitar and cello (2007)

Music for string trio (2018) VNM

Ekloge for three percussionists (2019)

Three preludes and chants for clarinet, cello and piano (2007/2019)

Canto Largo für violine, viola and piano (2020)

anderenorts - for piano four hand and cello

VNM = available at  Verlag Neue Musik Berlin

FHM = available at Hofmeister Musikverlag Leipzig

befoco = available at befoco verlag 

EM = available at Ebert Musikverlag

HHV = available at Heinrichshofen Verlag

Requests for all other works here.

Apropos Präludium for harp and piano (versions for. harps/harp or 2 pianos) (2002)

Bells‘Bells für Klavier vierhändig (2023) VNM

Nachtstück for oboe and harp (2000) befoco

From sunken treasures - suite for oboe instruments and harp (2003) 

Canto Largo for viola und harp 

(version for cello and harp )( 2001)

Music for alto flute and harp (2015) VNM

Aus der Zeit - suite for organ and harp (2014), EM

Midsummer Night’s Variations – suite for harp and percussion after William Shakespeare (1996) 

Quartet -  Septet

 Sonett II for flute, viola, double bass and percussion(1986/2021)

 Segmente  for string quartet  (1985) 433

Sonett XI for violin, clarinet, cello and piano (1997)

Shadows of the Night for saxophon quartet  (2001) FHM

(version for wood wind quartet)

2 Marches and Choral for saxophon, trumpet, trombone and double bass (version for brass quartet) (2013)

Quattro balli sorteggiati for oboe or clarinet, bassoon or cello,  guitar or piano and Viola (2002)

Mantra for percussion quartet(2005)

bhava-asabhava for percussion quartet (2019)

Regarding Byrd for guitar quartet (2022) VNM

(version for string trio and harpsichord (2022) VNM

5 Madrigals for string quintet (2009) FHM

Ricercar for stings and harp ad libit. (2021)

Suite for brass and harp (2009)

About Bells for piano, harpsichord, harp, double bass and two percussionists (2022)

Ohne Spuren - zwischen Mond und Herbst for septett 

(fl., ob., cr., hp., vla., vc., b.) (2019)

Sonett V  for piano and percussion (1988) VNM

 Nachtstück for saxophon and marimba (1997)

4 Höhlenzeichnungen 2010 for primal flute and percussion (2010)

From the Fairy Tale World - 5 Lyric Sketches for flute and guitar (2022)

Music for accordion and clarinet (2021)

Haiku V for cello and double bass(1999)

 version for E-guitar and E-bass (2009)

Sketches to an Unknown Fairy Tale for two trombones (2016) FHM