WORKS - vocal/scenic chamber music 

„Music that affects the whole body - 

Demand and fun combined as rarely.“     (Peter Zacher, SZ)


SATYREN for voice and 6 instruments after Valerius Catullus (1995)

Näckens Sånger - for voice and violin,  after nordic folk mythology (1995)

The Phoenix and Turtle - recital for alto, oboe, vello, trombone and harpsichord after William Shakespeare (1995)

A lover's tale - recital for narrator, soprano, tenor and 4 instruments after William Shakespeare (1996)

Out of Cage for voice and violin (alter. flute alter. piano) (2001/2009)

Ingen Människas Stjärnor for voice, flute and guitar after Göran Sonnevi (2002)

Munch – Paraphrases for alto, flute, violin, cello, piano and percussion after poetry from Edvard Munch (2003)

In einem Licht - 3 sacred songs for five voices (2019)

Vokalise for six voices (2020) EM

Cirrus for piano and narrator, text: Korvin Reich (2023)


Unnennbar Es blinkt ein einsam Segel - after Jochen Berg  for soprano, actor, piano and tape (1988)

Bis ein anderer kommt ...  for soprano, tenor, dancer (ad libit) and chamber orchestra (1992)

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