WORKS - orchestra

„From the very first second, the listener gets the decisive impression: This is how it has to be.“                                                                                                    (Beate Kayser, tz)


Tag des Friedens after M. L. Kachnitz for orchestra (1987) VNM

Variations for orchestra (1990) VNM

Symphony I ,Phoenix‘ (1992) 

Wandlungen V - concerto for violin, cello and orchestra (2002) 

 Mitteldeutsche Tänze - suite for small orchestra (2003) FHM

Symphony II (2004)

Ouvertüren – Suite for orchestra (2004)

Old Style  Suite for organ and chamber orchestra (2004/2021)  VNM

Concertino for violin and chamber orchestra  (2007). VNM

Aiolisches Konzert for harp and orchestra (2009) FHM

Waldgesang - concerto for oboe, strings and percussion (2012) VNM

Passacaglia for string orchestra (2013)

Canto Largo for orchestra (2020)

Symphony III (2020)

Soundtrack to an imaginary movie for youth orchestra (2020) 

Die Salzprinzessin - fairy tale fantasy for small orchestra  (narrator ad libitum)(2021)    VNM

Nachtgesänge for orchestra (2021)

Ricercar for strings and harp ad libitum (2021)

In media vita for orchestra (2021)

Kein schöner Land for orchestra (2021)

Es geht ein’ dunkle Wolk for orchestra  (2021)

Nachtgesang for orchestra 2021)


Sonett III for double quartet, piano and marimba (1984/2020) VNM

Veilles de nuit for soprano, bariton, ensemble and electronics (1986) VNM

Rêves for coloraturs soprano, alto and chamber orchestra after poetry by  

 G. Trakl und Cl. Brentano (1987) 

 Sonett VI  für soprano, tenor and chamber orchestra  after A. Rimbaud(1988) 

Sonett VIII - concerto for piano and ensemble (1988). VNM

Chamber Concerto for double quintet (2007) 

Concerto Grosso for violin solo and Big Band (2015) VNM

Videruntne? for 14 instruments (2018)

Largo for strings and harp (2001/2020)

Nocturne for strings (2006/2020)

Danse of the neck for strings (2010/2021)

 ... zu unsern Zeiten ... (after Heinrich Schütz) for ensemble (2021). VNM

Toccatina for youth guitar ensemble (2023)

Electronic music

Cicadas (surround/stereo, 2015/2023)

π - sound of infinity (stereo, 2022)

Mantra (surround/stereo, 2005/2023)

VNM = available at  Verlag Neue Musik Berlin

FHM = available at Hofmeister Musikverlag Leipzig

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