C. René Hirschfeld - composer: Music echoes the colours of silence




Upcoming first performances:

4th of Juni: Music for piano solo - Joshua Rupley; Festival Klangart Vision

Former first performances :

26th of March: Bells‘ Bells; Schloss Köthen

11th of March: Petit Souvenir - Lorenz Trottmann; Steingräber-Haus Bayreuth

25th of February: Cirrus - Federwolken, Korvin Reich, C. R. Hirschfeld;, Gesellschaftshaus Magdeburg

New Works:

Cirrus - Federwolken for narrator and piano,  text: Korvin Reich

FFive lyric sketches for flute and guitar

7 Ludes for piano solo

π - sound of the infinite electronic sound installation,

(promoted by a scholarship of the Stiftung Kulturfond)

Abschied und Sonnengold - for alto, clarinet and harpsichord , 

text: Korvin Reich, (commissioned by Trio Contraston) 

Regarding Byrd - for guitar quartet

New Editions:

Bells’ Bells for piano 4 hands

Toccata for piano solo solo

(Ver)suche Frieden (text: Wolfgang Borchert) 

for mixed choir and piano      (Edition Gravis)