WORKS - choir music and songs


Ich weiß die Quelle - for mezzo soprano, piano, Cello, Vibraphon,  after Pablo Neruda, Georg Trakl, André Gide (1982 )

5 Lieder in einer Sommernacht  for soprano and piano after Annemarie Bostroem (1989)

Kranichpaar im Dunkel - 5 songs for soprano and piano after ancient Chinese poetry (1992) VNM

3 Lieder for bass or alto and piano, after Georg Trakl (1995)

10 heimliche Liebeslieder  for tenor (or soprano) and piano, after Heinrich Heine (1996) VNM

German Songs vol. I (voice and guitar), II (voice and piano), III (voice and harp) FHM (1998)

Helles Lied for voice and piano after Friedrich Hölderlin (1999)

In das Blaue – 3 songs after K. F. von Leitner (2005)

The Crane Book - jazz-songs after poetry from Stephen Crane (2012)

The Joyce Book - songs after poems by James Joyce (1991/2015)

Si mes vers avaient des ailles for soprano, flute and guitar, after Victor Hugo (2017)

Abschied und Sonnengold for alto, clarinet and harpsichord after poetry from Korvin Reich  (2022)


MorgenSternBilder - songs for women’s or girl’s choir after Christian Morgenstern  (1987) VNM

Deutsche Lieder Band IV  (1998). FHM die Nacht gesungen... ffor mixed choir (2001) FHM

Über die Berge – for children’s choir and brass quintet (or piano) after B. Brecht (2007)

Sturm/Gebet for mixed choir, ,words by Korvin Reich (2013) EG

(Ver)suche Frieden for mixed choir and piano, text: Wolfgang Borchert (2017) EG

VNM = available at  Verlag Neue Musik Berlin.                                                            EG = available at Edition Gravis

FHM = available at Hofmeister Musikverlag Leipzig                                            EM = available at Ebert Musikverlag

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„The dramaturgically sophisticated opus ,...sung into the night...' is decidedly sensual. Hirschfeld's subtle tonality motivates one to listen to it bar by bar....     

The collection 'Deutsche Lieder' offers a fund of alternatives to the common German song repertoire.“                                                                      (Chr. Franke, Lied&Chor)