Zikaden for viola and tape


Music for viola solo 

played by the composer

Poetry from Korvin Reich

read by the autor 


musik for violin and viola solo

played by the composer

Works for violin and guitar

from D`Angelo, Hirschfeld, Lohse, Rubbert, Takemitsu, Wilson

C. René Hirschfeld - violin

Sebastian Albert - guitar

Hirschfeld: Solo works

Chant of the Night for soprano

Makyo - variations for piano

Solo for bass clarinet

Díaz de Arce / Badczong / Göbel 

Hirschfeld: Chamber Music 

Sonett V,  Wandlungen III, Sonett XI, Nachtstück,


Duo Bellini ensemble camena 

Trio Triton

Works for violin and guitar

from Bach, Biber, Dinescu, 

Hirschfeld, Pflüger, Vivaldi

C. René Hirschfeld - violin

Sebastian Albert - guitar

Works about Bach 


 C. René Hirschfeld, 

Stefan Levin,  Andreas Pflüger

C. R. Hirschfeld - piano

MDR woodwind quintet

Hirschfeld: Songs  & Sonetts

Sonett I & Sonett VIII for piano

10 secret love songs after H. Heine & 5 songs after 

ancient Chinese poetry

Grit Díaz de Arce, C. R. Hirschfeld

Frieze of live

music in 5 parts for piano solo after poetry from Edvard Munch

Werner Barho - Piano


from  C. René Hirschfeld 

& Astor Piazzolla

 - live concert recording - 

C. René Hirschfeld - violln

Fabian Klentzke - piano


9 ganze Nummern  for voice and  6 instruments after Catull

Grit Díaz de Arce

ensemble camena